Saturday, 21 February 2015

Jack Sparrow!

Oh man! Its been a long long time since I held my brush and canvas! My last Art post was in December 2014 ! (I missed my brushes and colors and palette!)
Not that I didn't be creative! I was busy Crafting !! ;)

I was pretty excited when I got to know that the theme for this week's Pin(spirational )Challenge  # 134 is this guy:

Who doesn't get excited seeing HIM? Mr.Johnny Depp!! :P

So, I got my creative juices running and came with something that I hadn't tried before on Canvas! A Mixed Media Art. What I came up with is -

Hehe...Take 1 at Mixed Media made me so happy that I have decided to make more of these! (Also, I will paint more often!) Mr. Jack Sparrow's quote "Now, on deck! Batten down the hatches, weigh anchor! We sail..with the tide!" is the one that I have used on my canvas!

Umm...there are sooo many things that I have used here - Acrylic, oil paints, Gel pens, distress ink, photo transfer, fabric color, stencils, digital stamps, clear stamps , sequins, bubble wrap! Phew! :P

I was carried away with the painting so couldn't do the tutorial ;). I will do for it the next time!

Did you like my mixed media attempt?

Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Burning Beats!

This painting is one of my favorites ! I have made this using Oil on Canvas. It is made on 16*12 inches canvas."The Burning Beats!" was inspired when i was having a burning desire to show-off my creativity to the world after seeing a few digital paintings. It has inspired me to paint this little one. :)

Friday, 12 December 2014

Mural Nameplate!

I keep exploring new things that would keep my creative side active. I have created this "Mural Nameplate- Ranade's" using Ceramic on Canvas. The designs are hand moulded as well as done using a cone.

I have painted the Nameplate using Acrylic and oil colours. Finishing is done with Pearl colours. Anndddd the Name plate is ready..!! :)

Entering for challenge:

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